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Customisedmurals.co.uk, the best place to buy bespoke wallpaper murals, photo wallpaper and animated wallpaper designs for your home or commercial properties. You can check out our selection of featured wallpaper mural designs above.

All our wallpaper murals are completely hand made and custom made to fit your wall size and individual requirements. We can create any mural or photo wallpaper you desire, and our bespoke wallpaper design service means we can print any image to any size from a wallpaper that is better than anywhere else.

The wallpaper we use is so good it can last outside for several years without fading. The print quality is top end and we work with many top interior designers world wide.

We specialise in wallpapers and have several sites, www.wallpaperandborders.co.uk, www.muralsdirect.co.uk and www.directposters.co.uk.

If you can't find a picture, please let us know because we have a database with over 100 million images to choose from.

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